The "First North Carolina Cavalry" in Germany

The German group was founded in 1991 as Co. A, 1st North Carolina Cavalry. Since that date we have portrayed this famous unit of the WBTS. It was also during this year when the members of the group participated in their first reenactment and they have been doing so steadily now for 26 years.

1991: Reenactment Boeblingen/Germany, Port Republic 1862
1992: Reenactment Sennelager/Germany, Chancellorsville 1863
1993: Reenactment Baumholder/Germany, Missionary Ridge 1863
1994: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Spotsylvania Court House 1864
1995: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Sayler`s Creek/Appomattox Court House 1865
1996: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, 1st Mannassas 1861
1997: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Gaines Mill 1862
1998: Reenactment Montabaur/Germany, Chancellorsville 1863
1999: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Cold Harbor 1864
2000: Reenactment Babenhausen/Germany, Five Forks 1865
2001: Reenactment Wildflecken/Germany, Balls Bluff 1861
2002: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Antietam/Sharpsburg 1862
2002: Reenactment Wildflecken/Germany, Matamoora,Tenn. 1862
2003: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, Salem Church, Va., 1863
2003: Reenactment Wildflecken/Germany, Chickamauga, Tenn., 1863
2004: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, 2nd Kernstown, Va., 1864
2004: Reenactment Wildflecken/Germany, Fisher´s Hill, Va., 1864
2005: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany Farmville, Va., 1865
2005: Reenactment Moorpark, California, USA
2006: Reenactment Kuelsheim/Germany, 1st Manassas, Va., Evan´s Brigade, 1861
2006: Reenactment Wildflecken/Germany Cheat Mountain, Va., 1861
2007: Reenactment Wildflecken
/Germany 1862
2008: Reenactment Knetzgau
/Germany 1863
2008: Reenactment Wildflecken
/Germany Chattanooga 1863
2009:Reenactment Knetzgau
/Germany 1864
2010: Reenactment Hildburghausen
/Germany Petersburg Campaign 1865
2010: Reenactment Wildflecken
/Germany Bentonville/Petersburg 1865
2011: Reenactment Hildburghausen
/Germany Big Bethel 1861
2011: Reenactment Wildflecken
/Germany Wilson's Creek 1861
2012: Reenactment Walld
uern/Germany South Mills 1862
2012: Reenactment Wildflecken
/Germany Antietam/Bloody Lane 1862
2013: Reenactment Walld
uern/Germany Virginia 1863
2013: Reenactment Gettysburg/USA 150th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg
2014: Reenactment Walld
uern/Germany Chester Station 1864
2014: Braekne_Hoby/Sweden Hoover's Gap 1863
2015: Reenactment Walld
uern/Germany Lewis Farm 1865
2015: Reenactment Kuelsheim
/Germany Appomattox 1865
2016: Reenactment Wallduern
/Germany Rich Mountain 1861
2016: Reenactment Kuelsheim
/Germany Greenbrier River 1861
2017: Reenactment  Wallduern
/Germany Shenandoah Valley 1862
2017: Reenactment Braekne-Hoby/Sweden Bean's Station 1863

The group is not only participating in the German main events, but the members also are present on various other activities (winter camps, drill camps, and etcetera) in Germany and abroad.

Over the intervening years a lot of additional material like uniforms, arms, etc. was assemled by the group, so we are able to provide newcomers and guests with the necessary equipment to participate in reenactments and camps. Additional to a lot of books in German and English, each member has several uniforms and a large number of authentic equipment. So the menbers of Co. G are able to portray every period of the war true to original.

Because most of the members don´t have the chance to have their own horse we basically portray cavalrymen fighting on foot - dismounted. This doesn't mean that horsemen are not welcome, far from it! Even though we are mostly dismounted, the members of the group have to be ready to get involved in supporting the mounted comrades in watering, feeding and saddling the horses. This is regular duty at reenactments since 1999. In addition, it´s possible to get mounted if a horse is available and the man has enough experience to participate in combat on horseback.

The internet has opened the future to the group. In summer 1998 we got in touch with the 1st N.C. Cavalry in the USA. From that initial contact strong friendships with the comrades in the Unites States arose. As a result of this, the German Co. A begame Co. G of the 1st N.C. Cavalry International. Since September 1998, Co. G has had its own Homepage, which is very helpful with keeping in contact and socializing with new members.

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Our Soldiers

Gernot Duda

Dani Hörl

Andreas Vosseler

Private Svend Tennigkeit

André Turk

In Memoriam

Trooper "Henry Coleman"
Heiner Ihlo
* 13. 8. 1959
† 9. 1. 2012

Our Civilians