History of the 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regt.

Shortly after the secession of North Carolina the North Carolina State Legislature authorized the organisation of ten regiments to be enlisted for three years or for the duration of the war. Eight of these regiments were to be infantry, one of cavalry, and one of artillery. The ninth regiment formed by this act of the legislature was designated the Ninth Regiment North Carolina State Troops, First North Carolina Cavalry. Recruiting for this unit began in mid-May, 1861, and ten companies of the unit were filled and accepted into service by early June.

Colonel Robert Ransom Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence S. Baker
Major James B. Gordon
Major Victor C. Barringer
Adjudant J.L. Henry
Quartermaster R.J. Shaw
Commissary M.D.L McLeod
Sergeant Major R.T. Fulghuer
Surgeon Dr. D.W.S. Hilliard
Surgeon Dr. Chas. J. O´Hagan

Company A: Ashe County, 4 officers and 70 men
Company B: Northhampton County, 4 officers and 89 men
Company C: (Mecklenburg Rangers) Mecklenburg County, 4 officers and 67 men
Company D: (Watauga Rangers) Watauga County, 4 officers and 70 men
Company E: Warrenton County, 3 officers and 77 men
Company F: (Cabarrus Rangers) Cabarrus County, 4 officers and 98 men
Company G: (Buncombe Rangers) Buncombe County, 4 officers and 85 men
Company H: Wayne County, 4 officers and 95 men
Company I: Duplin County, 3 officers and 71 men
Company K: (Nantahala Rangers) Macon County, 4 officers and 68 men

The different companies were ordered to Camp Beauregard, N.C. were they have been consolidated to form the regiment. In this camp the troopers were trained for their further duty. The regiment transferred from state service to Confederate service on October, 12, 1861 and got the designation „1st Regiment North Carolina Cavalry“. At the end of october the regiment was ordered to Virginia. In the further history the regiment was attached to the following commands:

October 1861:Cavalry-Department of Northern Virginia
Januar 1862: Cavalry Brigade, Potomac-District, Department of Northern Virginia
Februar 1862: Cavalry, Department of Norfolk/Virginia
April 1862: 4th Brigade, Cavalry, Department of North Carolina
July, 22, 1862: Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia
July, 28, 1862: 1st Brigade Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia
September 1862: Hampton´s Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia
December 1862: 1st Brigade, Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia
May 1863: Hampton´s Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Nothern Virginia
September 1863: Baker´s Brigade, 1st Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
December 1863: Gordon´s Brigade, Hampton´s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
May 1864: Gordon´s Brigade, W.H.F. Lee´s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of  Northern Virginia
August 1864: Barringer´s Brigade, W.H.F. Lee´s Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

In the time of it´s 4 years history the regiment participated in over 160 various type engagements.
 Skirmish, Hunter's Mills, VA (November 10, 1861)
Skirmish, Hunter's Mill, VA (November 26, 1861)
Skirmish, Vienna (detachments of 29 men each from Companies B, D, E, G, H, and K) (November 26, 1861)
Dranesville, (detachment) (December 20, 1861)

Skirmish, Fairfax Court House, VA (Feb. 7, 1862)
Skirmish, Pollacksville, N.C. (detachment) May 15 -16, 1862
Seven Days Campaign, VA (June 25-July 1, 1862)
Skirmish, Bottoms's Bridge, VA (June 28-29, 1862)
Willis Church, (June 29, 1862)
Engagement, Turkey Bridge (Malvern Cliff), VA (June 30, 1862)
Skirmish, White Oak Church, VA (July 1, 1862)
Skirmish, Malvern Hill, VA (July 1, 1862)
Skirmish, Harrison's Landing, VA (July 4, 1862)
Skirmish, Harrison's Landing, VA (July 8, 1862)
Action against gunboats near Williamston, James River, VA (July 9, 1862)
Reconnaissance from Harrison's Landing & the U.S.Reoccupation of Malvern Hill, (August 2-8, 1862)
Skirmish, Malvern Hill, (August 5, 1862)
Action, Thornburg (Massaponnax Church), VA (detachment) (Aug. 5-6, 1862)
White Oak Swamp Bridge, (August 5, 1862)
Maryland Campaign (Sept.3-19, 1862)
Skirmish, Poolesville, Md. (Sept.7-8, 1862)
Skirmish, Middletown, Md. (Sept. 10, 1862)
Action, Frederick, Md. (Sept. 12, 1862)
Skirmish, Catoctin Mountain, Md. (September 13, 1862)
Siege, Harper's Ferry, W. VA (Sept. 13-15, 1862)
Battle, Antietam/Sharpsburg, Md. (Sept. 16-17, 1862
Skirmish, Buckettsville, Md. (Sept. 18, 1862)
Skirmish, Pleasant Valley, Md. (Sept. 18, 1862)
Skirmish, Williamsport, Md. (Sept. 19-20, 1862)
Skirmish, Shepherdstown, W. VA. (Oct. 1, 1862)
Action, Martinsburg, W. VA. (Oct. 1, 1862)
Stuart's 2nd Ride/Raid Around McClellan into Pennsylvania and Maryland, (detachment) (Oct. 8-12, 1862)
Action, Chambersburg, PA (detachment) (Oct. 10, 1862)
Skirmish, Mouth of the Monocacy River, Md. (detachment) (Oct. 12, 1862)
Skirmish, White's Ford, Md. (detachment) (Oct. 12, 1862)
Operations in Loudon, Faquier, and Rappahannock counties, VA. (Oct. 26-Nov. 10, 1862)
Affair opposite Williamsport, Md. (Company A) (Oct. 29, 1862)
Action, Barbee's Crossroads, (November 5, 1862)
Little Washington, (November 8, 1862)
Gaines' Crossroads, (November 10, 1862)
Amissville, (November 10, 1862)
Picket Affair, near Hartwood Church, (detachment) (November 28, 1862)
Skirmish, Dumfries, (detachment) (December 12, 1862)
Battle, Fredericksburg, VA (December 12-15, 1862)
Skirmish, Occoquan Bridge, (December 19, 1862)
Raid on Dumbries & Fairfax Station, (December 27-29, 1862)

Operations at Rappahannock Bridge and Grove Church, VA (Fe. 5-7, 1863)
Engagement, Kelly's Ford, VA (March 17, 1863)
Skirmish, Bealeton Station, VA (March 17, 1863)
Gettysburg Campaign (June 3-Aug.1, 1863)
Cavalry Battle at Brandy Station/Fleetwood/Beverly Ford, VA (June 9, 1863)
Action, Aldie, VA (June 17, 1863)
Engagement, Upperville, VA (June 21, 1863)
Skirmish, Fairfax Court House/Station, VA (June 27, 1863)
Skirmish, Rockville, Md. (June 28, 1863)
Action, Hanover, PA (June 30, 1863)
Action, Carlisle, PA (July 1, 1863)
Battle of Gettysburg, PA (July 1-3, 1863)
Cavalry Battle at Hunterstown, PA (July 3, 1863)
Action, Monterey Gap, PA (July 4, 1863)
Skirmish, Fairfield, PA (July 4-5, 1863)
Skirmish, Hagerstown, MD (July 6, 1863)
Action, Williamsport, MD (July 6, 1863)
Skirmish, Nevevola (Beaver Church), MD (July 9, 1863)
Skirmish near Harper's Ferry, W. VA (July 14, 1863)
Action, Shepherdstown, W. VA (July 15, 1863)
Mountain Run, (August 7, 1863)
Action, Culpeper Court House, VA (Sept. 13, 1863)
Action, Raccoon Ford/Rapidan Station, (September 14, 1863)
Skirmish, Jack's Shop, Madison Court House, VA (Sept. 22, 1863)
Skirmishes, James City, VA (Oct. 8-10, 1863)
Bristoe Campaign (Oct. 9-22, 1863)
Action, Warrenton/White Sulphir Springs, VA (Oct. 12, 1863)
Action, Auburn Mills, (Oct. 13, 1863)
Skirmish, Brentsville, VA (Oct. 14, 1863)
Engagement, Auburn, Auburn Miulls, Auburn Ford, VA (Oct. 14, 1863)
Skirmish, Manassas Junction, (Oct. 15, 1863)
Skirmish, Oak Hill, Va (Oct. 15, 1863)
Skirmish, Blackburn's Ford, Bull Run, VA (Oct. 15, 1863)
Action, Buckland's Mills (the Buckland Races), VA (Oct. 19, 1863)
Skirmish, Haymarket, VA (Oct. 18, 1863)
Operations against the Advance to the line of the Rappahannock River, VA (Nov. 7-8,1863)
Engagement, Kelly's Ford, VA (Nov. 7, 1863)
Action, Brandy Station, VA (Nov. 8, 18963)
Mine Run Campaign (Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 1864)
Skirmishes, Raccoon Ford, VA (Nov. 26-27, 1863)
Engagement, Payne's Farm, VA (Nov. 27, 1863)

Operations against the Demonstration on the Rapidan, VA (Feb 6-7, 1864)
Engagement, Morton's Ford, VA (Feb.6-7, 1864)
Operations against Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid from Stevensburg to Richmond, Va (Feb. 28-Mar. 4, 1864)
Engagement, Fortifications of Richmond, Brooks Turnpike, Richmond, VA
Skirmish, Hanover Junction, VA (March 1, 1864)
Skirmish, Ashland, VA (March 1, 1864)
Skirmish near Tunstall Station, VA (detachment) (March 3, 1864)
Wilderness Campaign (May 1-June 12, 1864)
Engagement, Todd's Tavern, VA (May 5-6, 1864)
Battle, Wilderness, VA (May 5-7, 1864)
Combat, The Furnaces, VA (May 6, 1864)
Combat, Alsop's Farm, Spottsylvania, VA (May 8, 1864)
Operations against Sheridan's Expedition from Todd's Tavern to the James River, VA (May 9-24,1864)
Skirmish, Piney Branch Ford, Va (May 9, 1864)
Engagement, North Anna River, VA (May 9, 1864)
Action, Davenport Ford, VA (May 9, 1864)
Skirmish, Beaver Dam Station, VA (May 9-10, 19864)
Engagement, Ground Squirrel Church/Bridge, South Anna River, and yellow Tavern near Richmond, VA (May 11, 1864)
Engagement, Brook's Church (Richmond Fortifications), VA (May 12, 1864)
Combat, Mechanicsville, VA (May 12, 1864)
Combat, Strawberry Hill, VA (May 12, 1864)
Action, Haxall's Landing, VA (May 18, 1864)
Action, Hanover Court House, VA (May 26, 1864)
Combat, Crump's Creek, VA (May 28, 1864)
Action, Hanovertown, VA (May 28, 1864)
Operations on the line of the Totopotomoy River, VA (May 28-31, 1864)
Battles about Cold Harbor, VA (June 1-12, 1864)
Action, Haw's Shop, VA (June 3, 1864)
Skirmish near Via's House, VA (June 3, 1864)
Action, Long Bridge, VA (June 12, 1864)
Action, Smith's Store neat St. Peter's Church, VA (June 15, 1864)
Skirmish, Ream's Station, Va (June 22, 1864)
Operations against Wilson's Expedition against the south Side and Danville R. R., VA (June 22-July 2, 1864)
Action, Nottoway Court House, VA (June 23, 1864)
Skirmish, Staunton Bridge, VA (June 24, 1864)
Action, Staunton River Bridge (Roanoke River), VA (June 25, 1864)
Skirmishes, Ream's Station, VA (June 30-July 3, 1864)
Petersburg Siege, (June 1864 - April 2, 1865)
Action, Warwick's Swamp, Lee's Mills, Reams Station, VA (July 12, 1864)
Skirmish, Ream's Station, VA (July 22, 1864)
Demonstration on the North side of the James River and Engagements at Deep Bottom, Darbytown, Strawberry Plains, New Market Road (July 27-29)
Engagement, Malvern Hill, VA (July 28, 1864)
Action, Malvern Hill, VA (Aug.14-16, 18964)
Skirmish, White Oak Swamp, Fussell's Mill, VA (Aug. 18, 1864)
Battle, Ream's Station, VA (Aug. 25, 1864)
Skirmish near Richmond, VA (Aug 27, 1864)
Action, Sycamore Church, VA (Sept. 16, 1864)
Action, Arthur's Swamp, VA (Sept. 30-Oct.1, 1864)
Engagement, Boydton Plank Road, VA (Oct. 27-28, 1864)
Operations against the reconnaissance toward Stony Creek, VA (Nov. 7)
Expedition to and Skirmish at Stony Creek Station, VA (Dec. 1, 1864)
Operartions against Warren's Expedition to Hicksford, VA (Dec 7-12)
Skirmish, Bellefield, (December 9-10, 1864)

Battle, Barney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, Armstrong's Mills (Feb.5-7,1865)
Appomattox Campaign (March 8-April 9, 1865)
Engagement, Dinwiddie Courthouse, VA (March 30-31, 1865)
Skirmish, White Oak Road, VA (March 31 - April 1, 1865)
Battle, Five Forks, Va (April 1, 1865)
Engagement, Sutherland Station, Douth Side R.R., VA (April 2, 1865)
Action, Scott's Cross Roads, VA (April 3, 1865)
Namozine Church, (April 3, 1865)
Engagement/Surrender, Appomattox Courthouse, (April 9, 1865)

On April, 9, 1865 the listed men surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House:

Pvt. James B. Shorpe, Co. A
Pvt. Adolphus Mizell, Co. B
Pvt. Jonathan F. Parson, Co. D
Pvt. William M. Watts, Co. D
Pvt. Robert D. Grissom, Co. E
1st Sgt. Reddin Hight, Co. E
Pvt. S. R. Philpot, Co. E
Pvt. E. M. Lunsford, Co. G
Pvt. Joseph Danner, Co. H

The remaining men of the regiment were breaking through the federal lines and escaped. During this breakthrough Pvt. James Sims, Co. G, was wounded and captured by federal troops. When it became clear that it would be impossible to reach the confederate army of Joseph E. Johnston, still fighting in North Carolina, the regiment disbanded.